HARTING Integrated Solutions

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HARTING Integrated Solutions (HIS) as part of Connectivity & Networks designs and manufactures backplanes and backplane systems for all customer-specific applications, including fully integrated systems.
The supply and service range includes backplane PCB design simulation, design validation and signal integrity testing, as well as comprehensive system testing. HIS is active as a fully integrated system developer and manufacturer, including series production. HIS operates a manufacturing „Global footprint“ with factories on 3 continents: Europe, Asia and North America. Each site has common equipment, tooling and procedures to provide a „seamless“ service to all our global customers.

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HARTING Integrated Solutions (HIS)

Manufacturing Capabilities

Process Equipment

Manufacturing Capabilities

The Value Chain

HARTING Integrated Solutions offers a ‘Value Chain’ of services that are all under the control of the HARTING Technology Group

The value Chain

Backplane Design

Cadence Allegro Software

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