28. October 2013

Space-saving design with preLink® M12 connector D-coded

Ha-VIS preLink® M12 Connector D-coded from HARTING

PreLink® technology for data network cabling in industrial environments can now also be used in conjunction with the M12 mating face. The new space-saving design offers an extremely compact field-assembly connector solution for Fast Ethernet or PROFINET.

In addition to offering RJ45 connector faces, preLink® technology – used in industrial cabling as well as in offices and data centers – also provides M12-based cabling components.

M12 is widely used in industrial environments and is particularly well-suited for connecting machinery and plant components, while also being able to connect data collection terminals and industrial PCs. Particularly in such settings, preLink® technology provides the opportunity to work with pre-wired runs or easily and quickly expand existing cabling, as well as convert from IP20 degree of protection to IP65/67.

To expand the application area of the preLink® M12, it was necessary to reduce the size of the connector. The new solution means a product is now available that enables preLink® technology to be used in conjunction with the M12 connector face even where space is tight. At the same time, the number of individual parts was reduced, so that the installer can also perform assembly quickly and easily on site.

The preLink® M12 D-coded is suitable for data transmission up to 100 Mbit/s (Fast Ethernet) and also represents a very important cabling component under the PROFINET guideline.

The preLink® M12 D-coded connector is 100-percent compatible with the M12 standard pursuant to IEC 61076-2-109, which also describes the eight-pin M12 version suitable for Gigabit and 10Gb data transfer (M12 X-coded).

A preLink® version of the M12 X-coded is under preparation.

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