26. June 2013

New 4-pair PROFINET cables enable higher data rates

HARTING Ethernet cabling – 8 wires

With the new PROFINET cables, HARTING strategically expands the company’s industrial Ethernet portfolio in the particularly fast growing market of Ethernet systems in industrial environments

There are a multitude of good reasons to opt for PROFINET in automation. These include real-time transmission, robust cabling technology, high reliability as well as simple installation and fast commissioning. Naturally, the new 4-pair PROFINET cables retain all of these advantages. In addition, the new 4-pair cables permit data rates to be boosted from 100 Mbit/s up to 10 Gbit/s making your network infrastructure fit for the future.

HARTING has designed the new PROFINET cables in two versions: in addition to Type A for fixed installation, type B is offered for flexible installation. While the PROFINET cable for fixed installation requires only inner wire conductors, the necessary mobility in the variant for flexible applications is ensured by tinned stranded wires. As per the PROFINET guidelines, the outer sheath in the PIMF versions is made of green PVC.

The 4-pair Ethernet cables meet the criteria for EMC separation class d pursuant to EN 50174-2 and resist increased lateral crush loads in the harsh industrial environment. In addition, they are flame-resistant and UV-resistant.

The new PROFINET cables are specially designed for use with HARTING connectors as well as RJ45 connectors from the HARTING RJ Industrial product family, in IP 20 applications or with HARTING Han® 3 A housings for IP 65 / IP 67 applications.

The HARTING PROFINET cabling portfolio includes cable types A, B and C, connectors such as RJ45 and M12 as well as accessories such as panel feed-throughs and hybrid interfaces for simultaneously supplying devices with both data and power.

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HARTING Ethernet cabling – 8 wires

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