11. March 2013

har-speed M12/RJ45 adapter

har-speed Adapter M12/RJ45

Handle 8-wire-Ethernet flexibly in various applications in the field

HARTING has added the har-speed M12/RJ45 adapter for the Gigabit Ethernet environment to its product range. The new compact adapter is ideal for transferring Ethernet or signals in the demanding industrial environment.  In order to be able to react flexibly to the widest range of applications in the field, a straight and an angled version of the har-speed M12/RJ45 adaptor are available. The adapter has been designed in compliance with IEC 61076-2-109 and meets the requirements for Cat 6A and Performance Class EA. The new HARTING har-speed M12/RJ45 adapter is a useful addition for the 8-wire Ethernet environment.

Available Downloads:

har-speed M12



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