11. January 2013

har-speed M12 with MID technology

har-speed M12 with MID technology

is intended for the integration of M12 in devices

HARTING has expanded its har-speed range with a new PCB connector which will be manufactured using MID technology. A straight variant will initially be launched on the market for PCB connection.

This new connector’s optimized design meets HARTING’s rigorous quality standards. The size of the conventional PCB connector has been significantly reduced. The new addition to the M12 range is intended for the integration of M12 in devices, primarily switches and routers.

Shielding inside the connector is redefined with MID technology. The metal shielded cross is now superfluous. Two plastics are used in the 2k-MID process, one of which can be deployed as surface coating in a second step. The new connector is significantly lighter - a weight reduction of around 30% per component has been achieved – and like its big brother can be soldered onto the circuit board in the reflow process.

The new MID variant also meets Cat 6A and performance class EA requirements like the products already available from HARTING.

Available Downloads:

HARTING 3D-MID Technology



1.3 M download