23. August 2012

Han® Megabit module

Han® Megabit module

Robust and compact data interface for railway use

In the form of the fully screened Han® Megabit Module, the HARTING Han-Modular® series is joined by a new member, which is especially suited for applications in industry and railway technology. Two data cables can be connected per module and assembly convenience and product compactness prove to be a great advantage for users.  Here, the screening design is independent of that of the housing. The proven Han® D crimp contacts are used. These can be installed into the inserts and arranged to be easily accessible.

Because its mechanical properties meet those of the proven Han®Quintax, the Han® Megabit Module is ideally suited for applications with the highest mechanical specifications, for example for use as an Ethernet interface in railway carriage connections – with the module taking up only half as much space as conventional solutions.

Technical details:

  • For data rates of up to 100 megabit.
  • Cat. 5e
  • For stranded wires between 0.14 and 2.5 mm2 and cable diameters between 5 and 12 mm.

The Han-Modular® series, as an open connector system, is capable of especially flexible adjustment to the user's individual requirements. It gives the user the freedom to assemble his ‘own personal’ connector in the desired configuration. The range of now 40 modules for electrical, optical and gaseous signals is being continually expanded, enabling more and more new configurations.

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Han® Megabit module

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