11. March 2013

Han® HMC Connector

Han® HMC

The connector for a large number of mating cycles - also in harsh industrial environments

The new  Han® HMC connector series from the HARTING Technology Group is the first to combine the properties of more than 10,000 mating cycles and protection against harsh environmental conditions in one complete connector.

Devices and machines that are employed in different locations and that often are connected several times a day, e.g., in the medical sector and the laboratory and test engineering sector, require reliable connectors such as the Han® HMC. This connector meets these most demanding requirements.

The increasing modularization in machine construction and automation is furthermore leading to a rising demand for connectors that have been developed for a large number of mating cycles. The new Han® HMC series is the perfect solution for all of the applications just mentioned. Han® HMC connectors are also ideal for use in tool and other interchangeable systems.

Han® HMC connectors are based on the Han® industrial connectors that have been tried and tested for decades. This has the advantage that all already existing processing tools can also be used for the Han® HMC. The complete Han® HMC series consists of:

  • Han® B HMC housings,
  • Han® HMC connector inserts with crimp connection in  four different versions,
  • Han® HMC crimp contacts  in two sizes,
  • diverse Han-Modular® modules together with the Han® HMC crimp contacts and 
  • two different docking frames.

The Han® B HMC housings are equipped with a durable locking reel in order to continue to provide the connector with IP 65 protection against dust and water after more than 10,000 locking cycles. In order to be able to offer more than 10,000 mating cycles, Han® HMC connector inserts contain high performance grounding contacts. The crimp contacts are equipped with a special HMC gold surface and constant spring force. These special properties guarantee the complete connector's flawless function - also after 10,000 mating cycles.

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