11. March 2013

Han E® screw module

Han E® Screw Module

The screw connection goes modular

The Han-Modular® series is a very flexible open connector system. Users can put together "their" individual connectors to match the configurations they need.

A new Han E® screw module now joins the 40 different modules for electric, optical and gaseous signals that are already available.

The module comprises five Han E® screw contacts that are already employed in the proven Han E® connector. The module also features a sliding insulation cover that closes automatically during mating thanks to an ingenious mechanism. This mechanism ensures that the contacts are introduced into the connector with protection against voltage and accidental contact.

The screw module is particularly suitable if special tools and specialized personnel are not always available during the installation. After all, a screw connection is self-explanatory and can always be assembled, even by lay people.

A further special feature is the option of connecting five stranded wires from 0.5 to 2.5 mm2 and also rigid conductors simultaneously in the most compact area. This translates as space savings of up to 40% when compared to the conventional Han E® connectors. Consequently, switch cabinets and machines can also be designed more compactly.

Details for the Han E® screw module

  • 5 Han E® contacts at 230 V/16 A
  • 40 % less space required than for the conventional Han E® connector
  • For stranded wires from 0.5 to 2.5 mm² and also for rigid conductors
  • Screw connection, suitable for all used around the world
  • Simple and reliable installation, automatic protection against accidental contact