26. June 2013



Ha-VIS RF-ANT-sMR20 reliably recognizes tools and production materials

RFID technology enables the rapid identification of tools and workpieces. The technology has advanced to the point that solutions with read ranges of 15 meters are on the job. Nevertheless, customers are frequently not interested in this capability since production machines are often located spatially in close vicinity to one another and technology with defined short to mid read ranges is required.

HARTING's sMR20 RFID antenna now offers additional solutions. The sMR20 UHF RFID antenna enables read ranges of precisely defined one meter. This permits the reliable recognition and correct assignment of tools or production materials. Here, the antenna’s design makes it insensitive to potential sources of interference and the antenna can be mounted on metal directly.

Typical application scenarios for the sMR20 RFID antenna:

  • Recognition of tools
  • Recognition of manufactured goods on production lines
  • Identification of workpieces in machines
  • Logistics

Important Details:

  • Can be used worldwide (865 MHz - 928 MHz)
  • Read range of precisely defined one meter
  • Degree of protection IP 67

Available Downloads:

Datenblatt Ha-VIS RF-ANT-sMR20


157 K download