23. October 2014

DIN 41612 Type 3Q / 3R – even more compact, and just as rugged

The new 3Q and 3R male types of the DIN 41612 product range

Beginning immediately, HARTING is offering male connectors with the new 3Q and 3R designs per DIN 41612. These are particularly suitable for smaller printed circuit boards since they require less space. The density of the electronics on various PCBs is steadily increasing, while circuit boards and components are becoming smaller and smaller.

This trend is resulting in the need to use smaller and smaller connectors. All male connectors are therefore available with or without flange, whereby the space requirement is reduced even further. The new male connectors in build type 3Q and 3R are especially suitable for use with mezzanine and cable to circuit board applications together with type 3B and 3C female connectors.

The new connectors are available for soldering technology, SMC (Surface Mount Compatible) or press-in technology. The connectors each offer 20 or 30 contacts in a compact 2.54mm grid space and can handle currents of up to 2 A per contact. The connectors are tested in accordance with IEC 60603-2. 

The versions made of high-temperature material (SMC) are particularly suitable for processing in the reflow soldering process. The male connectors without flange are particularly space-saving – although the new connectors are just as robust as their “big sisters” in the full and half sizes. The connectors retain the proven robustness of the DIN 41612 connector preferred by so many users. In addition to the standard versions, HARTING offers customized loading configurations.

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