23. August 2012

D-Sub miniature coding system – easy, flexible, secure, robust

D-Sub miniature coding system

Prevents cable assemblies from being connected to the wrong port in an I/O front panel

HARTING developed a high flexible coding system designed for the D-Sub miniature connector ranges. This coding system prevents to connect cable assemblies to the wrong I/O front panel port equipped with several identical D-Sub miniature connectors.

The HARTING coding system offers 36 different variants adaptable on all D-Sub miniature ranges with shell type E. It may either be assembled by the customer with an adapted HARTING service tool or be delivered as a complete assembled version. The new system is suitable for Standard D Sub 9 poles, D Sub High Density 15 poles and D Sub mixed 2W2 – 2W2C – 5W1.

The HARTING D-Sub coding system can be fitted with two female screw locks on existing front panels without any specific modification. For the cable side, the coding frame and standard cable connector fit into the HARTING Inducom metal hood ranges.

D-Sub miniature coding by HARTING:

  • Easy to install: No front panel modification
  • Flexible: 36 coding possibilities
  • Secure: No mating possible when wrong coding
  • Robust: Coding key withstand more than 100 N stress