17. March 2011


Han-Yellock® Monoblock with Han-Yellock® Quick Lock module

High Contact Density and Fast Termination Technology - Han-Yellock®

Han-Yellock® – a connector concept that has been rethought from the ground up. One year after its launch at the Hannover Messe 2010, the series continues to advance thanks to new additions. The
Han-Yellock® Monoblocks, for example, offer 25 or 48 contacts in the two housing sizes 30 and 60 – representing an enormous energy density. The male-female crimp contacts have optimized lengths and allow a working voltage of 500 V, which goes a long way toward satisfying multiple-axis machines and drives in the most compact spaces. These "energy packages" help either to minimize the total number of interfaces or to multiply the functions within a machine.

The Han-Yellock® Quick Lock module is all about speed and simplicity. These field-installable modules are plug compatible with the established Han-Yellock® modules in crimp technology and likewise allow multiplied potential in the connector. The contact termination is designed for stranded wires in the 0.5 mm²-2.5 mm² range, and offers a high level of vibration resistance thanks to its radial spring technology. Cables can be connected quickly, without special tools or extensive equipment and also in difficult environments. Preferred applications are therefore interfaces that demand a swift, uncomplicated exchange in order to minimize machine standstills and maintenance work.

The insert systems, Monoblocks and Han-Yellock® Quick Lock module follow the principles established by the Han-Yellock® series, and consequently allow mating on the inserting or termination side, which considerably reduces the work sequences during commissioning and cabling jobs.