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From ideas to products

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In our "New Technologies" department we work daily to grow our leading technologies. By combining innovative approaches and through testing under real-life conditions in the HARTING laboratories, we can adapt our product portfolio to the ever-shorter technology cycles. At any given time the focus is on the maximization of the customer benefit.

Evaluation of new technologies

As a solution provider, the HARTING Technology Group is constantly working on innovations to ensure the sustainability of products and solutions. Thus we are able to constantly adapt our range of services to the changing needs of our customers. We sift through current technology trends and take up these in order to improve our products or find entirely new approaches. In addition to technologies related to materials and their processing, subjects in the context of Industry 4.0 like Distributed Systems and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are in the focus.

Innovative coating systems

Through our numerous partnerships with universities and research institutions, we have strong partners to pursue and implement ideas. With endowed professorships we strengthen research in strategically important areas such as sensor networks.

Innovative coating systems in our own metallization laboratory

For the core business of connecting technology our in-house metallization laboratory is developing innovative coating systems. Thus, it is possible to offer our clients connectivity with highest performance, optimized transmission properties and high resilience.

Accelerated development and optimum products through simulations

Qualität ist immer allumfassend

Simulations shorten the development process, so that we can adapt the product portfolio to the demands of our customers quickly and steadily. In addition, we use simulations to simulate specific applications of HARTING products for our customers. Thus, we can offer the best possible products to our customers always.

The domain of simulations supports our product development and process design. In addition to mechanical, electrical, electromagnetic and thermal simulations also injection molding simulations are performed.

Visit our Showroom

In a showroom we present our technical visions to selected customers and partners on the basis of demonstrators.