Our Vision

Developed: 1996

  • We want to shape the future with technologies for people
  • We want to become a global company
  • We want to create values for people

Our Philosophy

  • We are an independent family company and regard ourselves as an innovative, researching group of companies. Worldwide we are at home in the growth markets and play an active role in their development. Our corporate policy is characterised by confidence and reliability.
  • In technology we see a great opportunity to meet the challenges set by society. Technology serves mankind, and this in turn makes our work meaningful.
  • Our customer-oriented approach makes us successful and benefits not only our members of staff, partner companies and shareholders but also the public at large.
  • It is with openness and inner flexibility that we, as a "learning" company, design our adaptation processes in an environment which is constantly undergoing change.
  • The market economy is our basis. We are actively involved in our relations with the outside world. We respect the laws and cultures of the countries in which we work and aim to be a committed member of society.
  • Our all-embracing notion for total quality externally and internally is setting new standards. Through our daily work in pursuit of optimum solutions we have a clear commitment to performance and professionalism.
  • Environmental responsibility is an integral part of everything we undertake.
  • Our principles "How we treat one another", are a part of our declared policy and form the basis for our co-operation within the company.

How we treat one another

Worldwide we are at home in the growth markets. A cosmopolitan approach, tolerance and interdisciplinary thought and action allow us to develop dynamically and successfully.

We want to actively mould the corporate culture of the HARTING group, so we know how we should treat each other.

  • Our co-operation is based on mutual respect, confidence and fairness.
  • Through an open exchange of information we create an atmosphere of trust and a spirit of partnership.
  • We are open, direct, objective and polite towards one another. Constructive criticism is actively encouraged within our company.
  • We act professionally and creatively.
  • Within the scope of our individual and corporate objectives, each one of us bears personal responsibility and accountability for our joint success.
  • Entrepreneurial action within the scope of calculated risks also involves making mistakes and we learn from such mistakes
  • Through exemplary conduct, professional competence and personal qualities anyone in the company can qualify for an expanded sphere of activity and managerial responsibilities.